Our Vehicles

our vehicles

Ever since the establishment of the company in 1985, we always care and consider the goodness and welfare of our services provided to our loyal clients and this is by delivering and providing them a better and the best vehicles and equipment that they will need.

In our everyday work, we always look for the betterment of our services and we never stop to find things that will please and delight our customers and clients.  We are capable of providing excellent vehicles for quality service.

Our vehicles are 100% working and can provide better transport execution.

Our Equipments

Here is the list of vehicles/equipments:

Our Cars and Equipments

  1.  Isuzu Tractors
  2.  40-Footer Flatbed Trailers
  3.  Palletized Trailers
  4.  Lowbed and Highbed Trailers
  5.  Wrecker Unit
  6.  Isuzu 10-Wheeler Wingvan Trucks
  7.  40-Ton Hi-cube Container Vans
  8.  Skeletal Trailers
  9.  Payloader
  10.  Bulldozer
  11.  Forklift (3-5 Tons Capacity)
  12.  Hydraulic Crane 15-Toner Tadano
Our 10-wheeler trailers have been tested on long and distant journeys.

10-Wheeler Trailer

Our Wing Van is indeed large and sturdy for long-distance trips

Wing Van

The 40-Ton High Cube Container Van has also been tested for heavy cargo loads for efficient product transportation.

40-Ton High Cube Container Van

Our Palletized Trailer, on the other hand, is indeed long and robust.

Palletized Trailer

Our Isuzu Tractor is truly worth it; it can be relied upon no matter what cargo you put on it.

Isuzu Tractor

Our Highbed and Lowbed Trailers have also been tested with both light and heavy loads.

Highbed and Lowbed Trailers

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Our clientelle website:

  1. ASIA BREWERY INCORPORATED       asiabrewery.com  
  2. PMFTC, INC.       www.pmi.com/markets/philippines/
  3. TANDUAY DISTILLERS INC.       ph.tanduay.com
  4. PHILIPPINE AIRLINES        www.airpaz.com